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Our Blog

KidsCompany now has its own blog. Check out this space to know more about our products and the latest in all things KidsCompany.

September 25, 2018 •

#KidsCompanyPH Picks: Nursery Essentials

We know how peer recommendations and glowing reviews from family members and on the internet help in curating the things you would need for your nursery......READ MORE

September 6, 2018 •

#KidsCompanyPH Picks: Dolls and more!

Did you know that dolls are some of the oldest toys that children have ever played with? Records dating back as far as 100 AD in Greece show how dolls are.....READ MORE

August 10, 2018 •

Wonder Woman Rises

Angeline "Anj" Rodriguez, the Managing Editor of When In Manila, knows a thing or two about pop culture. After all, her personal blog's name is actually.....READ MORE

August 7, 2018 •

Learning Toys

We’ve seen the trend here in KidsCompanyPH: Educational toys are gaining traction with mommies and daddies in the country. As an online toy store,.....READ MORE

August 4, 2018 •

Top 8 boys toys for the 1st half of 2018

Starting this month, we at Kidscompany will be rounding up our top picks for the hottest toys for boys, girls, and babies & toddlers as separate blog articles as your.....READ MORE

JULY 25 •

Welcome to Kidscompany

Hey everyone – we’re starting something new here at the official Kidscompany website. Beginning this month, we’ll be posting articles and links to blog sites ....READ MORE

September 6, 2018 •

#KidsCompanyPH Picks: Baby Gears for travelling!

You’re en route to a much-deserved vacation with your whole family but you have no clear idea of what baby gears to pack....READ MORE

August 17, 2018 •

#KidsCompanyPH goes to YouTube!

One of the top online toy stores in Metro Manila is going to the top video sharing site in the world, YouTube It took us months but this is finally......READ MORE

August 8, 2018 •

Mommy Practicality

A frequent fixture in family-friendly events and happenings, Mommy Practicality (Louise Fandino- Santos) has regularly written for top brands and reviewed products .....READ MORE

August 6, 2018 •

What’s A Geek

Kidscompany is pleased to have onboard “What’s A Geek”, the premier resource for geek culture including movies, comics, video games, tech, toys and more as a partner site.....READ MORE

JULY 25, 2018 •

Kidscompany Midyear Sale

Starting July 25 to August 3, 2018, #KidsCompanyPH will be having its annual midyear sale. The exclusively-online markdown offering gives shoppers up to 70% off....READ MORE

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